Sober Extravaganza Turks & Caicos 2025

February 15 – February 22, 2025

Resort Club Med Turkoise
Grace Bay of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands


It was a really great time with like-minded friends in a beautiful country with perfect weather. I have never seen so many different types of fish in my life, it was like swimming in an aquarium! El Cielo was a sight to see! Cannot wait for the next adventure!
Xochitl N / March 20, 2023
This was an ideal gathering! It included enough people to create fun and energy, but it was a small enough crowd so that we could spend time and have conversations with everyone there. The excursions were enjoyable and entertaining, and gave us a great opportunity to enjoy one another’s company and also to explore Cozumel – such a beautiful place! We’ll definitely join the next Common Bond Events trip!
Theresa B. / March 19, 2023

Couldn’t ask for a more magical time. What A fantastic trip. Being my 1st real vacation Out of the country It Was exceptional The hotel was amazing luxury bungalows were nice and very spacious The open seating at the restaurant felt like a dream. Quincy made the trip so much Fun. She is so top notch. We had activities every day. The group of people we’re so welcoming and loving I felt a part of something big. From special Surprises And special intimate dinners. We had A-blast! I love all of you thank you Quincy for such Beautiful Memories. 

Lisa A. / March 19, 2023


What does all-inclusive consist of?

All inclusive means all meals, drinks and non-motorized sports at the hotel are included in the cost. If there are specialty restaurants, they may charge for certain meals like lobster and steak. Spa treatments, baby-sitting and excursions are not included.

Do you offer transfers?

Most of the time the hotel offers transfers. However if they do not, we will offer
transfers for a small fee.

Is travel insurance necessary?

We always recommend getting travel insurance. For the best rates it should be
purchased within two weeks of making your vacation reservation. There are many travel insurance companies out there. I suggest Allianz. Here is the link to their website as well as my account with them. I do receive a commission for everyone I refer.

AllianzTravelInsurance – ACCAM/account number F211036

Do you offer flights?Is travel insurance necessary?

We have found that it is cheaper and more efficient for the client to book their own

Can I make payments?

Yes. Our system can offer a payment plan to make sure that the whole amount is paid off before you go. Please call the office to set this up when making your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

This is completely dependent on the contract with the hotel. Each hotel has their own requirements for cancellation. We then build our cancellation policy around what they require. The cancelation policy for each trip will be included on your invoice or receipt.

What if I have a special diet or medical need?

This is not a problem. The sooner you let us know what you need, the sooner we can coordinate with the hotel to make sure your needs are met. Regarding food, it is always suggested to speak to the chef of the main restaurant to let them know you need a special option.

Are your trips only for sober people?

No. Many people like to bring their spouse, family members or friends who drink. This is not a problem. All are welcome.

What if I don’t have a roommate?

Not a problem. We will match you up with another person of the same sex to share your room with.

Will there be recovery meetings?

Yes and they are open recovery meetings meaning all are welcome. We follow the AA customs, but allow for other fellowships to participate. We typically have two meetings a day; one in the morning and one in the evening to bookend your day and to create opportunities to connect with others in the group. No meetings are mandatory, however this is where all announcements about upcoming events, activities and the like will be announced that may not be included on the schedule.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions for these trips?

We will always follow the guidelines that the government requires for travel as well as what the arriving country and hotel require. Whether you are vaccinated or not will determine your eligibility to attend. Some countries require vaccination. Others accept a recent COVID test for entry.  Please refer to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

Is the country we are going to safe?

 When we book these trips, we always look at the travel advisories for that country. Yes, sometimes they change from when we booked to when we go on the trip. With that being said, unless the hotel is shut down due to forces outside of their control the trip will happen. You can always check the Travel Advisory website for more info.