As the owner of a travel company, it’s not a surprise to hear that Quincy fell in love with traveling from the very first trip she ever took.  The trip was to Hawaii when she was 5 with her whole family, and as luck would have it, she won the trip on the game show Truth or Consequences. She hasn’t stopped traveling and being interested in new places to visit ever since.

Quincy’s career in the event’s business has taken her to many interesting places and given her the opportunity to meet some amazing people. Whether she was working in the music and live entertainment side of the business or just planning and executing group travel for specialty groups, she has always been most concerned with whether her clients are having the best trip they can possibly have. Her tireless efforts to create positive experiences for everyone she encounters makes traveling with her a delight and a guarantee that you will be well taken care of.

Quincy is a native of Los Angeles where she lives with her fiancé, her two teenaged children and two dogs. She loves tennis, baseball and napping.



Anyone who knows Chris, knows that he is a man with a lot of processes, which makes him a great fit for the Chief Operating Officer position. He gets the most satisfaction in dealing with the logistics of how things are planned, get implemented and what it looks like as a final product. In dealing with travel events his specialty is knowing that our clients don’t want to have to think about any of the details so they can just enjoy their vacation and connect with others. Relieving all travel stress is his main objective besides having a great time.
While Chris admits to being a novice traveler, he is anything but that when it comes to entertaining clients and helping them in any way that he can. He enjoys making new friends and learning about different parts of world. If we are doing an activity, you can usually find him right in the middle of it all. Clients love that he makes sure they have everything they need and if there is anything he can do to make things better to let him know. He is an asset to every situation.